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School photo, April 2011

April 13, 2011



5th Birthday Party, at the Prospect Park Zoo

April 5, 2011

zoo party

Gina’s Farewell Concert

June 29, 2010

This weekend, we attended Gina Samardge‘s Farewell Concert.

She held a sing-along on a hill in Prospect Park and many of her students and fans came out to say good-bye. She’s just moving up the river, to Beacon, and she’ll be back every so often, but it’s the end of her regular seasons of sing-alongs and classes.

We’ll miss her a great deal. We have both of her CDs, but recordings are not the same as live music. Gina has such a wonderful way of letting kids move at their own pace, and that really comes out when she’s singing right in front of you.

This summer has seen so many changes–no more Musical Stew with Gina, the last summer at daycare before starting school in the fall–we’re all growing up around here.

I guess it’s normal to be nostalgic and a little lonesome for the baby and toddler stages that used to be, even as I am amazed at the new and astounding things Charlie can do, say and ask about.

So, for old time’s sake, here’s a very short video from Charlie’s first season of music classes with Gina. (He tended to spend most of them sitting in my lap.)

And here is a short clip of my tall, tall boy at Gina’s farewell concert. He’s the one in the white T-shirt.

Come back soon, Gina!

Charlie’s 4th Birthday

June 17, 2010

Before we headed down to GA for Jenna’s wedding, we celebrated Charlie’s birthday.

We decided to stop at a B&B farm in southwest Virginia as part of our road trip down South and as a gift for Charlie. Then, when several kids in his class had birthday parties, he wanted to know when *his* party would be. So we added a low-key (but insanely loud) Chuck E. Cheese party before the road trip.

Chuck E., then the birthday farm, Jenna’s wedding, a visit with the cousins, the trip back home and Easter Sunday (pictures coming). It was a busy, busy spring.

But worth it. Charlie still talks about feeding the goats and playing with the baby goats at the birthday farm. We even got to see some goats being born.

Click on the photo for the whole set of birthday pics, Chuck E., goats and all.

petting the horse

Jenna’s wedding, my photos

June 17, 2010


Parent-teacher conference

June 30, 2009

Yesterday we had a meeting with Charlie’s daycare teachers, who are amazing. They have a great chemistry in the room, and manage to keep twelve three-year-olds running on schedule while having fun.

Logically, I know it shouldn’t matter one whit whether Charlie is “good in school.” Not everyone is, and the pressure of school was always really stressful for me. There is more to everyone than academics, or even good relationships with teachers.


When his teachers talked about finding him lovable and entertaining, how he is the life of the party and always ready to sing, how he cares deeply about his friends’ feelings and well-being, how his vocabulary is taking off, how he can now pedal a tricycle and is usually consistent with using words instead of screaming or crying (at least at school where they have an organized and predictable schedule)…well, it did make me proud.

And a little bashful for feeling so proud. After all, he’s doing all the growing and learning, I’m just helping him along.

Potty training

June 11, 2009

He did it!

Charlie is now in big boy pants all day long, except for sleeping.

It was a process. We started when he was 18 months by buying a potty and talking about pee and poop. Then we practiced. For a long time. He played with the potty. He found a love of flushing, pulling out long strands of toilet paper and building towers and drums out of the toilet paper rolls.

But it wasn’t until after he was three that we decided to get serious about it. We took off the diaper whenever we were at home. With hardwood floors, messes were easy to clean. Then, when we went to the theater to see a small circus (he was in a diaper), he announced he had to pee. He left the show, walked down four flights of stairs and used the big potty. It was a milestone.

So then we tried underwear and pants around the house, along with very short trips to the playground or music class. That stage took a while to master. The first time he wore underwear for a long trip, about six hours total, it was when we took the subway to the Central Park Zoo.

Even when he had the pee part down, he still had trouble holding in the poop, or making it to the bathroom when he was really tired.

But, the Tuesday after Memorial Day, he finally wore underwear to daycare. No non-nap accidents so far!

It’s going so well I’m even thinking he can wear underwear during our long drive down to Tennessee next week!

In the potty!

May 12, 2008

Charlie has peed in the potty several times now, but on Wednesday he pooped in the potty!

It was just a tiny bit–he thought it looked like a Cheddar Bunny–but we were still excited.

The jacket

April 4, 2008

Today, I picked out a light jacket for Charlie. He’d been playing with it on the couch. When it was time to go, I said, “Let’s get your jacket.”

Charlie ran away from the couch and the jacket and toward the closet.

“We’re gonna wear your the other jacket, the one on the couch.”

He cried a bit, pulled on the sleeve of his daddy’s jacket (which was hung right next to Charlie’s, in the closet) and said, “Jacket.”

“You want to wear this jacket?” I pointed to his heavier coat, the one he’s worn nearly every day this winter but which seemed a little heavy for such a sunny day.


I laughed. “Well, if you feel that strongly about it, you can wear that one!”

I’d heard that toddlers could be particular about what they want to wear. This was Charlie’s first time.

Big boy bed

April 4, 2008

We’ve gone from looking at the bed, to reading in the bed, to napping in the bed, to sleeping most of the night in the bed. My big boy…

big boy bed