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What do you call a fishing rod?

December 4, 2009

When Kylie and Kathryn came for a visit right after Thanksgiving, they brought a gift from Nanny and Pawpaw–a magnetic bird puzzle that included a “fishing rod” with a magnet at the end.

Charlie has been fascinated by puzzles recently, and he loved this addition to his collection. He has two other magnetic puzzles, one of cars and one of birds, and we’ve been calling the magnetic stick a “fishing rod” for a while now.

The other day, though, when Charlie was playing puzzles with Jesse he called that piece a “fetching rod.”

Makes perfect sense to me!


Wish lists

September 7, 2007

We took a train trip to PA over the Labor Day weekend (more notes and pix to come) and in preparation, I stopped into the toy store to get a few things for Charlie. I thought new toys would be more fun to explore than the ones he’s used to, so I splurged a bit on some small books, stacking toys and trucks that fit in our suitcase. While I was there, though, I saw a push toy that was totally awesome, sponge letters, bath tub markers, bubble books and all kinds of cool stuff. I wanted to buy it all, just because I knew Charlie would find them fun, but my pocketbook stretches only so far. So I thought I’d put together an interactive wish list for Charlie (and one for me, too, which is on that same page) so anyone looking to give a gift for birthdays, holidays or any old time can see what I think Charlie might like. Of course, you may already be psychic, like Aunt Becky and Aunt Debbie who not only got Charlie clothes that fit, but a dog-shaped cell phone. Charlie says: Dogs! Cell phones! Yippee!

Ride ’em, Cowboy!

August 25, 2007

ride'em cowboy

Disclaimer for Nanny: Don’t worry, his hair is wet because of bath time, not sweat.

And on that farm there was a…

May 10, 2007

Baa! Neigh! Moo! Charlie loves farm animals and he knows the sounds for three of them now: sheep, horse, and cow.

The other day, when I dropped him off at Fedkids, he crawled right to the horse and waved it in the air. His teacher said, “Okay, Charlie, we’ll play Old MacDonald. Just let me feed Elsie first.” I laughed at that, and she confided that he’s wanted to “play Old MacDonald” every morning for the last few days. Later that afternoon, at home while I was fixing his snack, he crawled to his bag of farm animals (courtesy of Nanny and Pawpaw) and pulled out the horse. He waved it back and forth, and, thinking of his teacher’s comment, I said, “Do you want to play Old MacDonald?” He grinned, so I sat down and started to sing. He chimed in with the “baa” and the “neigh” right on cue.

For his first birthday, Charlie wants…

March 7, 2007

Charlie in Toyland

Anything but toys!

(Click on the photo for more pictures of Charlie in Toyland.)