Baby pictures

March 14, 2011

bouncy chair

Since Charlie’s birth, five years ago this month, we’ve had five computers go kaput. We kept them all, hoping to have things recovered. So far, we’ve gotten things off three out of four. The fifth is still in waiting.

I keep thinking the next recovery will have the baby photos and videos we seem to be missing. I have some photos from when Charlie was about six months old, because that’s when I went part-time and began this blog. From that point on, most of my photos are backed up on Flickr, and most of my videos are backed up on YouTube. But our time at the hospital all the way through the first six months are lost, for now.

This past week, though, I happened upon a few images that I’d sent around the office and stored on my work computer. Baby pictures! So I opened a new Flickr set, hoping we’ll find more to add to these when we recover that last hard drive.


Coat collection

February 26, 2011

During laundry today, I washed Charlie’s coat. In the pockets were:

12 pieces of a stick
2 lengths of black yarn
1 big, half-rusted nut
2 round crackers, unbroken
1 crumpled tissue
3 small pebbles

Winter Break

February 26, 2011

Charlie and Nevin

Monday: Charlie and I saw the Sesame Street Live show. We ate popcorn, sang all the songs we knew and then met his dad for hamburgers and ice cream.

Tuesday: Charlie stayed at Nevin’s house. They went to the Children’s Museum and played with Toy Story dolls.

Wednesday: Nevin stayed with me and Charlie. We went to Bounce U, ate pizza, saw sea creatures at the Chinese grocery store, bought pastries at the bakery, played at the playground and flew a kite. They only managed to pull out about half the toys in the house.

Thursday: Our dear friend Ruth watched Charlie. They started at our place, and made their way to hers. They made raspberry pancakes. We forgot to leave a key, so I had to go home at lunch and drop it off. Then she forgot to ask him to go to the bathroom before their walk…. I told Ruth that everyone who watches kids gets pooped and peed on at least once.

Friday: Ruth watched Charlie again, at her place, but it was raining and they stayed inside all day. There was a lot of TV, some pop-up books and a hammock. They made smoothies, a bagel face and a helicopter. Ruth was worn slap out. I tried to reassure her that indoor days were hard for everyone, and I brought her thank-you flowers. I still owe her a bottle of wine.

Saturday: A morning at home with Legos followed by an impromptu trip to the Lego store with Dad for more little men, and a search for some pop-up books at the Strand.

Sunday: We’ll try to gear up for school on Monday, though I don’t think any of us are ready.

Wintery favorite parts

February 3, 2011

These are mine today:

–After school, instead of waiting for the bus, we walked to the train. It took much longer, but kind of felt like an adventure. We stopped at the pet food store to see the resident tabby cat. We found a stick and a “gumball yo-yo.” We poked ice piles–big snowy ones, small “skin-like” ones, crunchy ones on the stairs, melty ones too. My fingers were numb from poking.

–Charlie loved that we met the mailman (who was a woman) today in our lobby. She gave the mail right to us!

–As I was reading aloud from a zoo book, Charlie noticed that the red panda’s name, Chao, started with the same sound as his name. Not just the CH, but the CHA.

–Sometimes, about one minute before he falls asleep, he says more than he’ll usually say when awake. Tonight, he listed all the things he wants to show me about his classroom at the family conference. The Magna tiles, the crayons for rest time, the games and puzzles. They have a game called “Who Are You?,” he said, which was his teacher’s grandmother’s game.

–And I’m glad I took a day off to go with him on his field trip to the transit museum yesterday. It was fun to see the class dynamic, and we had an awesome tour guide. I also got to sit on a 107-year-old train car and hear how things used to be. Best of all, when I thanked Charlie for letting me come on his trip. He said, “Thank YOU, Mama, for coming with me to the museum. I’m so glad we saw it together,” and then he gave me a hug. (We also got into a fight, before this, because he knocked down some boxes of strawberries at the corner grocery and I made him apologize to the store clerk who had to pick them up. I was very proud that Charlie actually did apologize, even though he was very sad after we walked away.)

–He names everything Nicky. Our fish, his Zou Zou pet, his stuffed dog… When the prairie dog in our zoo book didn’t have a name, I said we could name him whatever we wanted. Guess what Charlie picked?

Charlie’s recipe for smoothies

January 30, 2011

CW: Okay, so you make bananas . . . and raspberries . . . and mangoes and strawberries.

That’s how you make sa-moovies!

The end.

Mama: Do we put any yogurt in there?

CW: Yeah.

Mama: What about a blender?

CW: Yes! To make it.

That’s how you make sa-moovies!

Snow day–all month long

January 28, 2011


This month has been insane. Of course, the holidays were insane. Maybe that makes January’s insanity even worse.

During December, everyone is busy. When you are too busy to breathe, in December, there is a level of acceptance. In January, the expectations are different.

We returned to Brooklyn from our GA road trip on New Year’s Eve. Then we had two days of laziness before everything kind of fell apart.

Charlie was sick for two days the first week back. Then we were swamped with teacher meetings and follow-up calls about issues that may call for extra assistance (and isn’t that stress a whole different story).

The next week included an MLK holiday and a Friday when I left work early to see Charlie’s end-of-semester performance with his theater class.

We started this week knowing the schedule was tight. Charlie’s school was closed for half a day on Tuesday, so Jesse planned to take the day off, and I had back-to-back meetings all day on Monday, followed by two days of jam-packed conference-learning on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Then CW got sick over the weekend! The nerve of those germs!

So Jesse was out of work on Monday and Tuesday, and had to leave early Wednesday so he could do pick up and drop off. We were all three ready to get back into the swing of things today when the clouds dropped 19 inches on us.

Snow day, and another day out of the office.

I have to admit I was a bit grumpy about it at first.

But I got in the spirit of things, helping CW make a snowman and walk in snow up to his thighs, my knees. We had lunch at a Thai place and then made hot chocolate and popcorn to munch on while watching Toy Story 2.

Now, can someone please tell the universe it is time to slow down with the disruptions for a bit so I can breathe?


January 28, 2011

Earlier this month, we had a movie night and dinner at Patrick’s house. Those kids were insanely happy to see each other.

movie night

We have a pet fish!

January 13, 2011

And here is a really bad photo of him:

He is a beautiful combination of brown and aqua, and lives in a blue tank. He doesn’t eat much, and his name is Nicky.

The holy month of Christmas

January 13, 2011


The Christmas 2010 Flickr set is now complete. We added a few photos commemorating our trip to GA, where we stayed at Nanny’s house and visited with Gigi, Grandma Margaret and all the cousins, aunts and uncles. Plus a few of our trip home by way of The Funny Farm and our annual New Year pilgrimage to the Big Apple Circus.

Charlie and I slept through most of the cozy New Year’s Eve celebration at Ruth and Mike’s house, hence no pictures of that.

We lucked into a parking place after the NYC Snowmageddon that happened while we were away, and it seems to have snowed here every other day since then.

Maybe some snow pictures will come soon.

Culture shock

December 21, 2010

Rock tree

Somehow most of the Christmas shows we planned to see this season, for one reason or another, got jammed into this last week.

We saw the Rockettes and the tree; the NYC Ballet’s The Nutcracker (our friend Molly did a bang-up job as a “child” and an “angel”); the Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas show; and Unsilent Night, which is more of a parade of participatory performance art than a show and one of my favorite seasonal activities.

We had a blast, and added a few photos to the Christmas set on Flickr. I’m a little show-weary, but in a good way.