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Take me out to the…dentist

July 15, 2010

I was having trouble planning what Charlie and I should do tomorrow, so I solicited his ideas.

His first idea was to attend a sing-along with Miss Katie, since we had just seen her in the cafe. I emailed around about her schedule and put it on the maybe list.

His second idea was music class with Gina. Gina’s in Beacon, so that was a no.

His third idea was Sesame Place. Of course. But we have a plan for that, for next week. So, it was out for tomorrow.

His fourth idea was to go to Disney World. Yes, we will end up there. I can tell that already. But some day, not tomorrow; it’s too far away.

His fifth idea, right after Disney World, was…the dentist. You can have the “lady dentist” (i.e., the dental hygienist) clean your teeth while you sit in the big chair, he said, and then pick prizes from the treasure chest. True.

I love that the dentist is on this list and that it comes right after Disney World.