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It’s still Christmas

March 4, 2008

Yesterday, Charlie saw a man with a long, white beard.

“Merry Christmas!” he said.

All through December, and January and February, he’s been saying Merry Christmas—for bright lights, for people who look like Santa Claus, or just as an excited greeting. His joy was infectious.

But this is March.

Enough is enough.

“It’s March, Charlie,” I said. “It’s not Christmas anymore. Did you think that man looked like Santa Claus?”

“Ho ho ho.”

At least he’ll be ready for next Christmas.


Looking a lot like Christmas

December 6, 2007

CW and J in the snow

Last weekend we got our first snow of the season. A dusting of white, “Winter Wonderland” on the stereo (I mean, computer speakers), a fragrant evergreen…Ah, it is looking a lot like Christmas. Click on the picture above for more photos.

Holiday update: We’ve been working on holiday vocabulary all week. Charlie can say Merry Christmas (though it sounds like Uh-EE-Nuh-NUH!) and he knows what Santa says: Ho, Ho, Ho.

Merry Christmas, everyone!