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What do you call a fishing rod?

December 4, 2009

When Kylie and Kathryn came for a visit right after Thanksgiving, they brought a gift from Nanny and Pawpaw–a magnetic bird puzzle that included a “fishing rod” with a magnet at the end.

Charlie has been fascinated by puzzles recently, and he loved this addition to his collection. He has two other magnetic puzzles, one of cars and one of birds, and we’ve been calling the magnetic stick a “fishing rod” for a while now.

The other day, though, when Charlie was playing puzzles with Jesse he called that piece a “fetching rod.”

Makes perfect sense to me!


When we were all sick…

February 23, 2008

February has been a crazy month. We spent almost two weeks passing a really bad cold (Jesse says it was the flu) between us, and after three days inside we were all going a bit crazy. To pass the time we made some videos. Here’s Charlie reading, playing puzzles, and then trying to climb the furniture.