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Patrick’s Day

March 20, 2008

Charlie loves holidays. He points out all the decorations, and he gets especially excited when there is a greeting, such as Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday. (He loves having a chance to shout.)

At his daycare, they’ve been doing art and games for St. Patrick’s Day and for Easter. He’s done shamrock painting, eaten green pudding, and worn his only green shirt. (Short-sleeved, but with a thermal underneath. Give a mom credit!)

But he’s pretty sure that all of this green festivity has nothing to do with being Irish or knowing your saints. Instead, he’s assigned leprechauns and pots of gold to his friend Patrick.

At snack time, I commented on the green pudding. “Is that for St. Patrick’s Day?”

“Yeah! Patrick’s day!” he said, looking straight across the table at Patrick.

I suppose if your name is Patrick you can claim the day. And Charlie seemed completely content that one of his BFFs had a day all to himself, celebrated in green.

Today, we passed a tardy shamrock hanging on a neighbor’s door.

“Look, Charlie,” I said. “A shamrock.”

“Patrick’s day!”

So happy belated Patrick’s Day!